I have been a fishing guide in Southern Illinois for over 15 years. I have used a lot of baits from plastics, to hair jigs. This year I met Blake, he asked me if I was interested in trying out some of his jigs he ties. While running a bait shop, I get a lot of people on a daily basis telling me about baits they make and this and that. I was truly amazed at the craftsmanship of his jigs, any color and size you want, he can make them. I have used these jigs faithfully all year and have had great success on guide days and tournaments. The durability is unmatched, I have caught hundreds of fish on the same jig. I have ordered several hundred of his jigs this year and the customer service is outstanding, all my orders have been shipped in a timely matter. So I give his jigs 5 stars in my book.

Jason Dudley

Fishing Guide

I met Blake Ray through another good friend of mine Jason Dudley. Midway through our season we decided to give his hand tied jigs a try. We are plastics and jig head makers ourselves. So when it comes to trying something that is not your own you become a bit hesitant. We can stand here today and tell you that beyond any reasonable doubt in the 30 years I have been crappie fishing we have never used a hand tied jig as good as those made by Blake. We are proud to use his products and will continue to do so! Every time I have asked for a color out of the ordinary he has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure its what we want. Keep up the good job Blake!

Scott & Amy Kendall

I've been using Blake Ray custom jigs since mid October 2020. Primary on Grenada & Sardis lakes. High quality, durability, & have been very pleased with the results. Highly recommended!!!

Greg Ard

Just wanted let you know how much I really love your products Blake. These are hands down made with the best quality and craftsmanship I've seen in a hand tied jig. I've always preferred plastics, but I have literally caught hundreds of crappie since I started using your products earlier this spring. Thanks for giving me a new option to help catch more fish. ."

Jim Handlin

Blake's jigs are top notch. I've been catching some of the best fish that I've ever caught and I haven't had any problems with the quality ( no issues). I will definitely be ordering more!

Wayne Mayo